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By evolution of developed glass techniques from sandblasted glass, stained glass, color coated glass to laminated glass, these are widely used in design industry. For Visionnex, we do not stop at just technology and body of knowledge of glass exist in the world, but we try to breakthrough limits of glass materials including fragility, weight and size, to add countless more color, pattern and texture to translucent materials. This established Nexglass of Visionnex. Nexglass as well as glass and transparent material, such as acrylic, can create opaque or transparent effect as desired. Go beyond imagination or utilize materials to achieve a plenty of demands. Visionnex use specific technique to create pattern and color on glass for beautiful results that are different from traditional stained glass. This also gives modern looks and friendly use. Limits of traditional stained glass are no longer a concern. Countless techniques, pattern and color are also possible to create novel effects on those glasses for amazing outcome.
Material lists : 
 - Float Glass
 - Tempered Glass
 - Laminated Glass
 - Mirror Glass
 - Reflective Glass
 - Acrylic

Material lists : 
 - MDF
 - Plywood
 - Cement Board
 - Solid Wood
 - Laminate
 - Veneer 
 - Plaswood

Material lists : 
 - Wall Paper 
 - Wall Canvas
 - Wall Leather

Environmental Signage for Exterior 
- Traffic Directional Hanging
- Column Identity Sign
- Entrance Sign
- Building Name Sign
- Project Name Sign
- Totem Sign
- In & Out Sign
- Traffic Directional Sign
- Maximum Height
- Parking Identity Sign

Environmental Signage for Interior
- Project Name Sign
- Lift Directory Sign
- Floor Number Sign
- Lift Number Sign
- Direction Sign
- Room Name Sign
- Back of House
- Stair Floor
- Restroom Sign
- Evacuation Sign

Material lists
 - Metal
 - Zinc
 - Stainless
 - Brass
 - Copper
 - Aluminium Composite
 - Stainless Composite

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